Welcome to redirecting.org the home of redirected links. We love to redirect stuff! please get in touch if you need any links redirecting. Thanks.


If you would like to redirect some stuff, please use the email address below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



We may or may not track stuff about visitors to redirecting.org

Most websites and web hosts (99% of them) track stuff from their visitors.

We limit our tracking to just measure how you arrived at redirecting.org and your computers ip address.

If you are concerned about your privacy online or you are fed up with being bubbled and tracked and would like to browse this and other websites anonymously then we recommend that you use the following services.

1. A search engine that protects your privacy…. like this one – duckduckgo

2. Use a decent vpn or a free service like the onion router or the invisible internet project or similar such things.

Contact us or ask your friendly cryptologist for more info, thanks.